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Santa Barbara Velcro Wall

Velcro Wall Rental in Santa Barbara

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Rent the Velcro Wall for your next church function, birthday party, corporate event or special event. The sticky wall is available for rent in the Santa Barbara, Ventura, Simi Valley and North Los Angeles areas. The velcro wall is a hilarious interactive game. The sticky wall is as much fun to watch as it is to participate! Participants put on their colorful Velcro suits, with the single goal of getting as high as they can on the wall and sticking to it! Of course, there are many different styles of jumping as there are participants, and it's always hilarious watching people try to figure out how to get enough air to reach higher than their friends! A runway and super-spring pad provides speed and lift for young and old alike on this huge, high-color crowd-pleasing item. Extremely popular for ages 5 through adult. Keeps children and adults entertained for hours. Please add $20 for Monday through Friday rentals. Late night pickup (after 8PM) or overnight fees (after 10PM) apply. Additional delivery charges may apply. ADULT SUPERVISION IS REQUIRED AT ALL TIMES!
  • $295 price is for one to eight hours of use.
  • Additional delivery costs: Goleta = $80 / Santa Barbara = $60 / Santa Clarita = $40 / Ventura = $40
May apply
May apply
$20 for Mon. - Fri. rentals
5 maximum with customer assistance
Within 100 ft. of the Velcro Wall
1 minimum
1 (110-volt, 20-amp)
48 inches
27 ft. x 16 ft. x 16 ft. high

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